Clusters - wrong output values

Hi! So, I’m experiencing issues with a cluster’s output. Inside the cluster edit I can see that the values are as expected, but when I close it and look at the output values, I can see they are different and wrong, with additional values added.
Basically, I’m working on a floorplan analysis tool and I have polylines representing room outlines, and flat boxes representing walls. I’m trying to identify walls that bound a certain area and group these. Additionally, I also want to retrieve the branch number of the boxes bounding each area. Inside the cluster I see the values are correct, and both the boxes and their branch numbers use the same cull pattern, but outside the cluster, the outputs differ, with branch numbers having additional values.
Any ideas on what’s causing this would be much appreciated. (11.4 KB)

You have some empty branches on you box input tree.

If you clean that input with “Clean” and set the flag “E” (Empty branch) to true, the problem stops…

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Right, thanks! I was aware of the empty branches, in the broader definition the list of boxes is split into two types, hence the empty branches, but I guess as long as the branch numbers are preserved, there’s no reason not to delete the empty ones. :slight_smile:
Interesting that the issue only appeared for the indices, and not the boxes, it’s the same input… :thinking: