Cluster outputs weird values

I have a really weird error/data mistake on one of my cluster outputs. Unfortunately, I cannot include the file, but I appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction. I’m a bit baffled by this one.

So it’s a cluster within a cluster, and one instance of 7. I already tried disentangling with no results.

The output:

Notice that the data sets are NOT identical (as marked by red), so it’s not a copy. However, the blue values are different inside the cluster.

I’m really baffled, how is it possible for a few characters/numbers to be replaced on a string?

I have tried closing and opening file again. Refreshing inside the main file.

If I replace the output completely, it changes.


But returns right back after I input the correct set of strings…
Copying the cluster yields the same output. Un-enable/enable does not work.

Ok, I think I know the reason. I kinda figured it out while writing the topic, but I thought I’d still post it if someone has similar issues in the future.

The reason seems to be the different handling of empty branches by the active document and the computation inside a cluster. Active document (including an opened cluster) somehow handles the irregular tree structure differently from the clusterised and hidden computation.

The error actually happens inside and after a python script component, so this could be an issue with the python computation behaving differently inside and outside of a cluster. Hard to say, but this one I solved by flattening before cluster, and the un-flattening afterward.