[BUG] Cluster data differences between inside and outside

There are some cluster data differences between inside and outside of the cluster. I’ve found some old topic about that.

I’m using Rhino WIP.

After some more investigation this morning, I found what causes trouble. Empty branches doesn’t make it into the cluster. Looks odd for me, please correct me if I am wrong.

GH File:
empty branches cluster.gh (28.4 KB)

To avoid this problems when you update a cluster, you have to delete the output hook and plug a new one.

I tried what you said but without success.
In my case it was the opposite order than in usual scenario, which confused me.
I made my part of the definition inside cluster where it worked fine because cluster input performed kind of Clean Tree with Remove Empty for me (which I didn’t know about). After I received good results I saved cluster and used it outside. But performing cluster action from outside, cluster is not removing empty branches - which gave me wrong results.

To work around it, I just added Clean Tree component before cluster input.

Now when I know what exactly causes this problem I could name it correctly and search for it in the web. It’s a very old bug, discovered in 2014.
I guess I’m bumping it a bit.