Closed Surface from Curve Network

There folk,

I have a curve Network I copied from scratch which I want to cover with an surface thats completelly closed. The Surface from Curve Network component in GH works super for networks which arent closed. Do you have any help? I have planar curves in every origin plane.


It’s also a thing, that the different curves do not have to be cut, cause there originally drawn by hand. Theoretically they should cut themselves. I appreciate your help!
180327 Cloud.3dm (5.3 MB)
180212 (2.8 MB)

I think this is smiliar to metaball to Surface/mesh. Try marching cubes algorythms. For example:

I don’t get it though, is the surface supposed to be coincident with the red curve, the green curve or the black curve? Because they don’t intersect.

They are drawn by hand, so I don’t think any of the curves are perfectly intersecting.

Dear David,
the curves are from a Slits Model which I scanned. So in praxis they don’t intersect but they would theoretically if all construction was drawn with Rhino. I tried the cocoon plug in which resulted in some quite nice results. But are there some other methods which are not that “massiv” in calculation?

@martin_friedrich.eic, i tried that too but it looked to be too far off from the original. Another way would be to divide the surface border curves, extrude the curves and get the normals of the surfaces at the division points. Then bring the points and normals in cloudcompare to build a mesh. It’s more work but the result is closer to the input.

MeshCloud.3dm (5.4 MB)


@clement, I don’t get it exactly. But your result looks quite nice. Can you attache the GH file? Right now, I try to rebuild the curve network, so that the curves intersect at the points which are intended. After that it should be a lot easier to build up a satisfactoraly surface.

Hi @martin_friedrich.eic,

i have not saved it, so here it is again. Note this is only tested with your file, the smaller you set the Length the more points and normals will be generated. Check if the normals are pointing outward (vector display), if not you can handle that either in GH or CC.

To save, check the file path is valid then click the button 1x.

With internalized surfaces: (4.1 MB)