How to get from intersecting curves to a mesh?

How to get from curves to a mesh?

XYZ curves to 3D form (47.3 KB)

I don’t undertstand. If you have a shape that you slice you don’t need to reconstruct the mesh ?
You want to solidify the lines ?

With this method I can join self-intersecting meshes.
Without I cannot join self-intersecting meshes.

When everything is sliced I can drop out the curves that are within the curves or merge crossing curves. At the end I have just the contours of the overall object without intersecting curves. From there I can make a mesh if I know how to make a mesh from curves.

With these curves I just have to make a mesh out of it.

XYZ curves to 3D form (54.8 KB)

To do that you could use my script described here

My script will not like if the lines are too short. For curves on 2d surfaces you have to provide a normal at each point …
And I have now a problem I hadn’t ! Because a face is a declared as a quad but is a triangle.

XYZ curves to 3D form (71.7 KB)

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Ticken a network is a problem for me, because I am going to use a couple of segments to sweep. But I think I found a solution. Maybe I check later in with the answer.

Also, thank you for your help.

See if this does the trick for you?

XYZ curves to 3D form (55.2 KB)


Yes, no, maybe? :smiley:

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Thank you for your response David :slight_smile:

I managed to do the same (yours is more efficient :slight_smile: ). I used gg and mesh+ components.
However, what seems now difficult for me is to properly create good curves.

The one below is more difficult for me to manage. It is not manage-able to get proper curves from it to create a mesh.

Give me few minutes

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I don’t get exactly what you want, but if I got it right… this maybe?!
XYZ curves to 3D form 02 (63.4 KB)

Is this like a giant pretzel or something? :smiley:

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do you want something like this?

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Thanks a lot David :smiley:

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Thank you for your response Baris.

Which component did you use?

It was not done in GH, just cause it was an one click solution and I saw something similiar in another thread I proposed it.


I am now using your ‘split the things in parts and then merge’ method.

But, I do not understand why it does not work in this case. All the boxes should be merged to one large brep, however, it seems not so easy.

Can you recommend something (component)?

XYZ curves to 3D form (10.5 KB)


It is because Rhino 5 can’t handle the Solid Union. It will work on Rhino 6 most likely.
To make it work you have to group your breps into some kind of local clusters, use union, and then use union on the results and it will work. But good luck with the sorting :smiley:

Actually by sheer luck I have made it work. Here you go. (I drink Johnnie Walker Black :P)
I just had to reduce the amount of solids to union at one go.

XYZ curves to 3D form (21.2 KB)


Thank you David

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