ClippingDrawings: Failure in removing lines behind clipping plane caps

according to fix
i think need this option add to ClippingDrawings too


Can you please post the example file?

example ClippingDrawings.3dm (179.9 KB)
yes the example

I am looking into this issue, reported here…

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And it was tested again in the new update(Rhino) (8.9.24156.10001, 2024-06-04)
and the new result: :slight_smile:
New Test-example ClippingDrawings.3dm (274.4 KB)
true Fix: :in ClippingPlane
and False Fix: in ClippingSections

In some clipping situations, the back lines reappear

hi @rajaa again
seems Failure in removing lines behind clipping plane caps bug only when Projection=Parallel
in ClippingDrawings
test in :Rhino 8 SR9 2024-6-6 (Rhino 8, 8.9.24158.18001
cliiping parallel.3dm (392.8 KB)

This is a good data point. Thank you. I also noticed that exploding the block solves it in some cases (when there are blocks). Also, Make2D gets it right, so it might be related to this bug…
I simplified the object, and can get same result. Logged this as a bug here…

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