Clipping planes still too painful. Will it get better before V6 launch?

This is better, but what would make it even nicer is if the pull down remembered what space it is set to and the list of details remembered its position when picking different clipping planes. The idea being if you are trying to find what clipping plane is applied to a detail, and you have a whole mess you need to check, you pull down to layout view, scroll down the list for the sheet and detail you are interested in, then you can select clipping planes one by one until you find the one affecting the detail you are interested in.

Clipping planes in details also still really, really slow down the display speed. Perhaps I am missing something, but doesn’t it seem details could be baked when they are not active (double clicked into) so all that clipping info isn’t calculated on every pan of the sheet, or editing text, or really doing anything? An unclipped, super light weight detail (like wireframe) could exist behind the bitmap proxy so you could still snap to stuff.

It almost does seem like clipping plane info is baked, but we aren’t seeing any benefit, as the stuff getting clipped doesn’t update until you double click into then back out of a detail.


Hi @dale, All,

Working with clipping plane sis still very combersome and I waste a ton of time with them.

I still need a DisableAllClipping planes and EnableallClipingplanes command for my files. I don’t want to show/hide clipping planes, I don;t want to look for them in a hidden layer, I don;t want to go and see if they are active/inavtive in which viewport, and in which of the 2 viewports called perspective is the one that I should be toggling???. this is all a non-sense of variables.

I want ONE SWITCH that turns them all on. Turns them all off. Period.

Come on guys, please…?


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Agree, that is most often needed feature to turn all ON/OFF and in complex clipping situations and files its a PITA to do in manually. Native Rhino commands for that would be nice.

In the meantime, @gustojunk, you can use these 2 scripts to do the job for current view (only in Rhino 6).
Save on HD and drag-and-drop each into Rhino. Then
EnableAllClippingPlanesInView / DisableAllClippingPlanesInView commands will be added.

DisableAllClippingPlanesInView.rvb (808 Bytes)
EnableAllClippingPlanesInView.rvb (580 Bytes)


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Thank you Jarek! I can use this for now.

a couple more things re: clipping planes:

1. We should have a disable (or call it enable?) toggle in the Display tab.

2. Show Fills MUST show me a fill if the clipping plane section is closed at that clipping location. I don’t care if the object I have is mid-modeling and still has missing surfaces and it’s not a solid somewhere else. Or if the Step importer of Rhino fails to make an imported object solid, I want to see fills because that helps me get work done.

Hi @gustojunk,

If you are using Rhino 6, then you can use the TestDisableAllClippingPlanes and TestEnableAllClippingPlanes test commands.

These will be elevated to real commands in Rhino 7.

– Dale


@Dale - It would be handy to have an option there for CurrentView or AllViews…

aaahhh! @dale you tricked me with the ‘Test’ prefix. This works great, thank you!

@Jarek, that is a nice option to this feature too.

That would have helped me several times in the past, yes.
I couldn’t find this logged anywhere, so here is RH-46092.

Rhino 7 is too long to wait. IMHO if you are going to have clipping planes at all, then the ability to turn them all on and off is one of the most important features to include. Can’t you promote the test commands to real commands with menu entries and icons and everything?

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I think the entire clipping workflow is not good. It is still too fragmented and limited and it’s missing a lot of important things of why people use x-section views. I doubt this will get the right attention in 6.x but it should be an important effort in V7. Especially if SubD is getting worked on: You need a good x-section workflow to know what the pushing an puling is giving you.

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I agree. I was just trying to promote the idea that to encourage experimentation and constructive feedback on further development an easy to use ability to turn them on and off would be major benefit. Before V7. Like right now would be good.

An Option _I’D like to see is the ability to de-select items that wouldn’t participate, such as a shaft staying NOT clipped, while the housing around it IS clipped to reveal the shaft and nearby internal workings … , or the BOLT de-selected to show it pass unclipped through WHAT’S being bolted appearing in cross-section as “Clipped”.

This is ANSI/ASME convention for Assemblies, and would be GREAT if we could duplicate it in a RHINO Assembly Model on-screen !

Don’t know if this is the right comment to reply my request at, so if not, could we get it elevated to the correct place in the thread ? Thanks !



Agree, that would be very useful in many scenarios. It has been wished for before several times and it is on the pile here:

No idea though when to expect that to happen. Hoping V7 ?


I assume it has occurred to you guys to create a top level layer named “Clipping Planes” and place all of them into it? Such bring some order to what can otherwise be chaos when CPs are imbedded into layers all over the place. Other apps, such as Fusion, create order for users automatically by placing sections into the Analysis folder, permitting easy on/off identification.

That present best practice aside, I do agree that all the aforementioned improvements are welcome.

Jarek -

Hi, so best guess is 2-3 years, with no hope for folks in the mean time ? Maybe some early look-aheads (betas) for those of us who have JUST upgraded to -6, and realizing we’ve been asking about this since -4 and remembering how long it took to get -6 out ? Thoughts ?

Best guess, yes. Or more. Please keep asking and reminding (" The squeaky wheel gets the grease").
Would be great to get something like that earlier (hoping for usable in V7 WIP), but that’s not for me to know/decide. This would be a major feature and typically these are not added in Service Releases…

…unless, of course, large numbers of users from around the globe agree to descend upon Seattle on a certain date with pitchforks, muskets, torches and lengths of sturdy hemp rope.


Count me in :sunglasses:

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I’ve heard they have super powers there in Seattle, all that stuff won’t phase them.—-Mark

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If they had super powers we wouldn’t have any bugs in newly released software and all the features would work exactly like every user would like them to. All the features that users find missing today would already be included.

That’s super powers.