When will V6 have plugins? I'd love to move to V6!

There are a handful of plugins that I use a lot in V5, and without them I can’t really use V6 much. When will this be posible?

BTW, my most needed plugins are:

  1. PeterTools by @phcreates
  2. DynamicDisplay by Asuni Labs
  3. HoleCreator and Fastener creator by @DanBayn
  4. Gustojunk.RHP by @dale’s fix to DisableAllClippingPlanes/EnableAllClippingPlanes
  5. MirrorExtrude by @DavidRutten (fastest way to make symmetrical lines, surfaces, solids)
  6. Auxpecker (I know, it’s depressing… but nothing in the built-in tools works FOR me, instead all demands work FROM me)



Plug-ins for V6 are not possible until we freeze the V6 SDK. The Software Development Kit is what is used to write plug-ins.
Everytime we make a change to the SDK, any plug-in based on the old SDK is broken.
We are moving towards SDK freeze.

hurry up then! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2KLyBapfTc

Wow! That’s a great idea!
If we just go faster, we’ll do a better job!

More whisky and fresh horses for my men!

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@pascal might have moved some of PeterTools to python. He can tell you more.

hook me up Pascal!

My HoleCreator and FastenerCreator scripts are redone in Python. I’ve been using them in V6. I will need to remove some content that is very custom to what we do, but that should be easy enough. Unfortunately my V6 upgrade failed this morning so until that’s running I won’t be able to test.



If this doesn’t make it into V6, then I’ll cook you up a plug-in again…

Don’t know if I’m missing something, but you can use the Auxpecker maps to create custom materials in Rhino and then save these in a template file. This should result in the same Auxpecker/“matcap” look.

Hi @gustojunk,

I’ve added new TestDisableAllClippingPlanes and TestEnableAllClippingPlanes test commands that will appear on Rhino 6 SR2. We’ll elevate this to real command in Rhino 7.


Does this help?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Rhino 6? That’s so last week!

We are all moving to V7 WIP as soon as I figure out how to upgrade my licenses waiting in my inbox. Any chance you could also put this in the V7 WIP build please?


What goes in the 6.x codebase automatically gets merged into the 7.x codebase.

Hi All,

Now that V6 is out, and just like from going to V4 to V5, in going to V5 to V6 we keep winning some nice functionality but also losing some other good ones.

Does anyone know if these other plugins have a good alternative or if they have been ported, or could be ported to V6?

  • I really miss PeterTools still. @Pascal, did you even get a chance to script some of these?

  • DynamicDisplay was also very useful (when I worked). Any plans to upgrade this? even better add this functionality to V7. Or at least get rid of their annoying licensing that cost me on lost productivity of going back and forth with them more that the cost of the plugin itself.

  • HoleCreator loads, but doesn’t really work. It gives errors. @DanBayn, any chance I could buy a new version from you? If so let me know I’d also like to see if we could add a couple of changes. Thx!

  • MirrorExtrude was super useful. Also loads but does not work. It previews during operation that it’s going to work but the result vanishes. You can see it here: https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/5/5/55708ab543e43891cc561ffce37cd9225d8b48f9.mp4

  • Auxpecker(like) we are kind of ok here. We are still missing the functionality of having realrealtimereally™ shaders that work well and that do not get in the way of our assigner materials for rendering. Very different reasons, and audiences for the use of each. We can talk more about this in V7 if you are interested.



Many are, in fact, but a couple of the more complex ones are not - what are you missing most?


You. I’m so sorry I barely said hi last time I was in Seattle. We’ll do a lunch date next time. I promise.

…back to work stuff: let me think about it and we’ll get back to you. Thx!

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HoleCreator has evolved a lot over the years. It is running like a champ in V6.

I would have to take out some proprietary features, as they are specific to our processes (they wouldn’t make any sense to anyone else).

What would you like to see added?



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