Clipping Plane States, Wish

Would be nice if there were clipping plane “states”, like namedviews, layerstates. We are working on a high rise, many floors, would like to make clips for each floor and be able to toggle them on and off.

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Hi, would maybe VisualARQ be of any help ?

Is this helpful as a workaround? “Named views set clipping planes” option

I realise that this would restore your view at the same time, and that you couldn’t toggle floors independently, so not exactly what you’re requesting.

Nice feature.
I can’t remember but is measuring dimensions possible during clipping?
If not I’d like to add the clipping wish list

@Rodri VisualArq tool performs in the way I am describing, but on the other hand it is glitchy and not all the geometry gets cut so there are pieces sticking up out of the clipping view elevation unfortunately.

@davidinkew This is a good workaround, thanks!

@Toshiaki_Takano Dots are also unsupported with clipping plane, would be good to see those as well.

Thank you for the feedback.

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