Feature Request: Named views set clipping planes

This option, as detailed here appears to be missing from Preferences>View in 5.2 WIP (5C246w). I’d find it very useful right now!

Strangely, the behaviour I would expect if ‘Named views set clipping planes’ were enabled does occur in this build, but only if the clipping planes are visible. Is this a bug or a feature?

I prefer to work with clipping planes on their own layer, usually hidden to reduce clutter. Have named views set clipping planes without them needing to be visible would be the ideal behaviour for me.

This feature has not been implemented yet. Adding it to the TODO list (MR-2770). Thanks for reporting this.

That’s probably a stop-gap solution put in place while until the inverse option could be implemented. I don’t think it’s a feature…but it does sounds like it’s something you have to work around. So consider it a bug.

Thanks @dan for the response; much appreciated.

As of the latest RhinoWIP (5E75w), if you navigate to RhinoWIP > Preferences > View > Named views, you should see an option to enable Named views set clipping planes

Please give this a try to make sure it works as expected.