Clipping plane incorrect V6 "option solid color"

Same V5 and V6 settings.
V6 in the clipping plane does not perform solid option. In addition, by moving the plane not section is performed on the object. Only by releasing the mouse key the section properly.
V6 incorrect:

V5 ok:

Another bug, please…

Hi Davide - so far as I can see this works as expected in the latest here:


Hi Pascal,
I’m glad for a reaction on this one. It still doesn’t do that here - and is a major show-stopper.

Also, the sections curves are not drawn unless the ClippingPlane is on a layer that is ON. (That is, once the plane is shown and the sections curves are drawn, I can turn off the layer again and the curves remain drawn also when the view is manipulated).

If I may add, when the ClippingPlane is manipulated, the section curves are not updated in real time, but only when you release the click mouse.
In v5 all works well!

Yes, thanks, I see this in shaded views.