Clipping Plane - Edges

When opening a file that was saved with multiple clipped views, the edges of the clipped sections do not show in all these views.

Basically doing anything (e.g. hiding objects, calling a new NamedView) will make the edges render as they should:

YT issue with demo file created: RH-40433

Partially related:
These images are with the factory-default shaded display mode (or at least as far as I can tell - nothing shows up blue in the settings) and I find that - when they render - the 3px clipped edges are partially being drowned by the 2px surface edges. I’m not convinced that it’s correct to render surface edges here.

In my custom display mode, I have color reduction for surface edges set to 100% and with black clipping planes, there is no drowning…

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Hi Wim - I see some of the edge conflict part at least but inconsistently so far … only on some objects.

So far I do not see the edge-less condition on opening the file though.



I’m seeing both of these issues here… I think the missing edges has to do with hidden clipping planes (not sure atm though)…The second issue is just a z-fighting problem if and when the sliced edges just so happen to fall exactly in line with isocurves… I will see what I can do about both.

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FWIW, my clipping planes are always on a layer that is off… Clipped views are reinstated by calling a NamedView.

RH-40437 is fixed in the latest WIP

@wim I found the real problem… It had to do with clipping planes being view dependent and not document dependent. Once the cut sections for one view were updated, Rhino thought it was done, and therefore, none of the other views’ clipping sections got updated. You can see this in action if you make a view active and then show/hide your clipping plane(s). Only the sections in the active view update.

I just fixed this, but unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next week’s WIP.

Thanks for finding this one.

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There are still situations where RH-40437 still won’t work correctly, and co-planar isocurves still flicker through the cut sections. I’m in the process of tuning this up more… The WIP should be better, but as I said, it still has issues in this area.

@wim unless you’re setup to get daily WIP releases… but currently our WIP build is having issues, so you’ll still have to wait a bit…hopefully it’ll get cleared up within the hour.

Ok, I believe this is now fully fixed…seems to be working quite well with everything I’ve thrown at it so far. Let me know otherwise.


@jeff, all seems perfect in a daily here. Thanks!

@wim Awesome! Thanks for the update.


Hi Jeff,
I noticed when I installed that daily that navigating in a clipped view became very unresponsive. I wrote it off being due to that being a daily. I updated those several times since but always with the same sluggish behavior.
Yesterday I installed the public weekly (6.0.17220.11131) but that didn’t help.

Prior to installing that first daily, I had no problems with working in clipped views.

This seems to be the same as reported here but there it has been going on for a longer time…:

cc: @stevebaer

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