Clipping Plane - Delete Drawing in Viewport, Not Picking Up All Drawing Details

Mac - Rhino Version 5.3.3. I’m having a similar issue with the clipping planes as some previous older threads. The clipping plane will work in one direction but not the other when flipped and ignores parts of the drawing that are turned on and visible, parts that should be shown with the clip.

Tried turning on an off in different viewports and separately the checkboxes in the Clipping Plane Properties (Toolbar). Sometimes the clipping plane erases the drawing, until it is deactivated (attached image), but only in certain viewports (Back, Front - Front seems to be having the biggest issue), the others are fine.

Restarted computer, nothing.

Separately, new updates refuse to download. Anyone else have this issue?
Help please!

Did you get this figured out?
You should be running Mac 5.5.5 or V6 SR25 now

5.5.3, I cannot download newer version for some reason. Every time I do, it does everything but install and suggests there’s some error downloading. Problem is still happening in file, will keep trying