Rhino 7 (latest build) - clipping plane bug

I’m using clipping planes in my layout views to create drawings, setting specific clipping planes to specific viewports / views in Layouts.

Was working brillliantly in R7 until today.

NOW, when toggling clipping planes in the ‘Layout Views’ tab, it activates multiple clipping planes for that view.

For example, I have a plan section view, and a front section view, and I’d usually toggle the corresponding clippings planes for each view. Now, when I toggle the plan clipping plan, it activates the front clipping plane in the plan view and vice versa. Like they’re linked.

I thought it was something specific to the file I’m working on but its happening on all files.

Is this a bug in the latest update I installed last week? Or is it something else?


This is a bug in the latest update… I uninstalled 7.4 and re-installed 7.1 and all works as it should again.

Hours wasted at work trying to sort this out.

I’m having the same issue with the 7.4 update. Is there a link to download a previous version?

Luckily i still had the .dmg file for 7.1 on my hard drive.

Hi - this bug (RH-62866) has been fixed in the 7.5 version. You need to change the update frequency to “Release Candidates” to download and install this version.