Clipping Plane Behaviour in Linked Blocks

Hi All.

I am having some issues with clipping planes within linked blocks.

We use common parts and import them as linked blocks into parent models. We often need clipping planes to document a part correctly, but do no want these to show in the parent model/layout, or grandparent model/layout.

Is there any way to turn these off within the parent/grandparent model?

Also; as a workaround I tried to remove the clipping plane from the linked block.
When I delete the clipping plane from the linked block, the block, and all other blocks in the parent model are still clipped.

When I look in the layer tree and expand the sub layers, the clipping plane layer (I always have it on a separate layer) is not there.

Blocks are updated automatically if that helps.

Thanks in advance,


We have a standard template set up for all our drawings which includes title blocks and standard third angle views at common scales.

Deleting the existing detail in the layout and creating a new one seems to reset the display of that particular detail.
This has no effect on the model though, and it remains clipped.

Not an ideal workaround, but will get me out of trouble.


Hi Kristen,

Thanks for the feedback on this use of clipping planes and linked blocks. I’ll try and reproduce a file set up that shows what you’ve described but if you can share a set of files with exact step by step instructions of what you are doing and what you’d like to see but aren’t, it would help greatly. You can email if the files are confidential. I can then file the issue and it will be addressed as a bug or feature request by development. Thanks again for the report.

Hi Kristen- Clipping planes will no longer be included in blocks… thanks for the report.


Thanks Pascal.

That’s great. Will that be included in a future update, or the next version?


Hi Kristen - it looks like the fix in in V6, not a service release for V5.