Clipping plane and differing line thicknesses

Hey everyone. I’m trying to find out how to display polysurfaces being cut with a clipping plane in two different line thicknesses. Polysurfaces that aren’t booleanunioned show lines of the same exact thickness and polysurfaces that are booleanunioned don’t show up at all. Been fiddling with the menus trying to achieve this effect but keep coming up short. I attatched a picture to show what I mean: The 2x4 on the left are boolean unioned being cut but read as a single polysurface instead of multiple side by side, the 2x4’s in the middle are not boolean unioned but the line thickness is the same as the exterior which isn’t what I want, the one on the right isn’t being cut at all and has a line thickness I want displaying on the interior. I tried using curves to add the thin lines manually but it seems like the clipping plane is cutting through them also(?)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

Hi Charlie -

I’m not seeing that here:

… the row in the front is a single object and green lines are drawn in the plane of the clipping plane.

Run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.