Clipper by arendvw - how to access commands in a script?

I’m wondering if and how I can access the Clipper plugin commands from within a Ghpython script?

I dont think you can without writing a wrapper, Ive done it in the past using C#.

From the page you link to when you expand the description:


basically the same as importing the library and feeding in the arguments like normal.

On the other hand you can use NodeInCode to call Clipper components directly into your python code, the drawback is it would require you to have Clipper also installed on any machine using it. This is what @christopher.ho is showing.

That’s nice, is there a C# equivalent of NodeInCode? I have done this in the past by using reflection I think.

Yea, It is also NodeInCode

Thanks for the help everyone! NodeInCode especially, cheers.

If you want to go further I found better to use the legacy library (Delphi, C++ and C#)
It requires some work to make the interface with Rhino as the library use point2d with Integer.
I was able to to that with it

Maybe a bit late to the party, but feel free to (ab)use clipper to rhino glue:

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