Grasshopper definition into C#?

Is there any way to get C# code behind grasshopper definitions?

In houdini there is a preview into code that their VOP nodes generate.

Haha, I don’t think so no. But what are you looking for exactly? The inner-workings of a specific component?

It would be awesome to have a way to communicate with the scripts from outside. There are a few basic functions that grasshopper already exposes, but it may not be enough to properly wrap around all the glory of some scripts.

Depending on what you aim to do, there might be some ways to achieve that!

Do you want to call Grasshopper components inside the C# component?


It would be great if it was possible at least for the opensource plugins

Yes, but also from rhino or ideally from a shell or a completely different program, as well.

There are the rhino inside

Rhino compute intiatives

That both allow external access to rhino and grasshopper.

There is also Rhino3dmIo, or Rhino3dm, that allows programmatic access without rhino to 3dm files, but most plugins will require rhino installed to properly function.

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ilspy! makes Grasshopper defacto open source! But if you expect it to copy and paste and you are done then I don‘t think its that easy. Especially because some functionality is wrapped behind gh->rhinocommon->c++ libraries.

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