Agate (Nervous style)

Copycatting NERVOUS work on Agate.

I already tried but it was not similar. Now it seems more similar, mainly because I studied how to use Clipper as a DLL in Grasshopper.

And this could give a puzzle like that. I used my mesh clustering and my MultipleMeshes Catmull&Clark subdivision
100 pieces (shape triangulated)

200 pieces (shape quadrangulated with RhinoWIP)

100 pieces (shape quadrangulated with RhinoWIP and no smoothing)

500 pieces, 3 flavor, not sure all pieces are solid enough

They explain very well the process.


That’s dope, but that puzzle looks like a hell of a time to put together.

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Thanks @sea1 , some of Nervous puzzle are hell for sure. I bought the earth puzzle
it has no borders !!!

If someone want to lasercut it I can send a file with with the picture, and 2 types of lines. With 200 pieces.
Nervous system laser cut their puzzles with image on the bottom with a special birch plywood.

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If only i had access to my laser I would 100% cut it for you.

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