Clinker built boat hull - how?

I have a model ship’s boat done but it should have a clinker built effect. I’m struggling here, tried 2 sweep but it goes wrong at the bow and then won’t ‘stick’ to the hull. Thoughts please?

Boatsolid.3dm (1.6 MB)

You need to post a file which includes your input geometry before someone can provide feedback on what may not have worked.

Why do you need the “clinker built effect”? How accurate does it need to be?

Boat2.0.3dm (2.0 MB)

Well, it needs to look like it’s clinker on the 3d prints, Accuracy is less an issue.

Clinker (77.8 KB)

The steps before the .gh file above are:
1, Extracting polysurface edges in GH.
2, Building an untrimmed surface of the side hull using the curve from step 1.

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Thanks, looks spot on, but sorry, I have no idea what I’m looking at here. This is way beyond me I feel.


Thanks! Looks good. How was this done so fast please? :laughing:
How could I modify this to alter that odd kink up at the bow end? And then join it as a solid?


A assume the kink is from my bad lines?

I don’t think you need to join them as one piece if you are printing.

Please show the problematic area.

I need to join this into one solid, it won’t print as it is at all.

The planks should ‘flow’ smoothly. Can I modify them somehow?

How is this made, it’s un-explodable for some reason?