Cleaning surfaces and solid

I adjusted a box by extrusion. I got internal edges and some extra isocurves.
How can I rid of theses edges and get a “clean” box

Dear Reymond

did you check _moveFace or _scale1D to do the adjustment ?
to clean the result you might want to try:
or delete single Face and
_rebuild (Point 2x2, Degree 1x1, DeleteInput=Yes, Retrim=Yes)
hope that helps

no, I did a ExtrudeSrf
I tested the MergeAllFaces to clean, looks better

No more internal edges.
I still don’t understand the way the isocurves are generated. Vertical isocurves are well distribued, the horizontal surfaces seem odd.

Hello - it looks like `MergeAllFaces might help. If the faces are planar that should clean up some - how are these made?


this is just what I made. Result looks good. About the faces, they were just an extension of the basic faces of the box (ExtrudSrf), so they are planar.
My last question was avbout theses horizontal isovurves that seem to be distribued by hazard