Clean Mesh for Kangaroo

Dear all,

Allthough I have 1,5 years experience in GH Nurbs/Breps, I’ve just recently entered the realms of Kangaroo and Meshes.

For a project I’m looking to mimic ETFE cushion like shapes.

Forumquestion_Clean mesh for (41.8 KB)

The surfaces I’m using as an iput consist of filleted quadrileterals, with two straight and two curved edges.

For some reason I have not been able to figure out, the Fillet component does not work on my most outlying and smallest surface.

I have gone on to script a different approach to my desired fillet, but I don’t seem to be getting a clean mesh like I get from the other surfaces:

I do run all the surface through an algorythm to rebuild them as sweeps so as not to have any trimmed surfaces as input for my meshes.

Basically everything is working, I just can’t seem to control the last mesh so I can create a clean kangaroo dome like I can with the others.

Your help is much appreciated, I’m very eager to learn more about all topics relating to Kangaroo.

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This is weird…

I first tried filleting at a parameter component but it can only take one parameter at a time.

Then I just tried fillet after joining the Brep Edges and it worked!

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That’s very strange indeed, is this a trick you apply more often in your workflow, deconstructing and rejoining?

For me it didn’t work aswell as with yours, but a rebuild of the curves before joining did the trick for me finally! Rebuilding the surface didnt yield the same result as that lead to very messy meshes.

I feel like I don’t really have a grip yet on surface to mesh and mesh topology as a whole, but at least now I can continue my project.

Thank you very much!

Thanks alot for your help!

Deconstructing the Brep was just to be able to reference the edge curves.

I forgot about rebuilding the curves. This often helps!

The other tools that might come in handy are the QuadReMesh and TriReMesh and Kangaroo’s CleanMesh

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QuadReMesh is a revelation for me, very much recommended to anyone reading this that is new to meshes and Kangaroo.

Thank you very much Martyn!

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