Surface disappears kangaroo plugin

The surface just disappears when i run the kangaroo plugin. Can the fam please help to solve the problem. Attaching the grasshopper file


Try reducing your Tolerance setting.
The mesh has some very short edges which are getting collapsed.

It might also be good to adjust the initial mesh settings to try and avoid these tiny triangles.

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Thank you for the help, just a question… quality of mesh and relaxation is really bad…any method on how i can make it clean and better

I recommend building an initial coarse mesh manually then subdividing that, rather than making a Brep and meshing it. It’s a little more work, but gives you direct control over the topology. (17.1 KB)

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Thank you, i do not understand the part of how to create initial coarse mesh? like i have lines and surfaces but how do i reach surfaces to mesh as mesh union doesn’tquestion to create (67.9 KB) work though

One way to start is to make a Mesh Box in Rhino with X Y and Z count set to 1
Then delete faces to make openings, copy and paste to build up the topology and move the control points around to get the shape you want.

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