Clayoo2 is not working on Rhino6 Evaluation edition

I am currently using Rhinoceros 6 Evaluation Edtion.
I’d like to use Clayoo2 on Rhino 6.
I tried to install Clayoo 2 as plug-in several times, but it does not work.
If installing is completed correctly, Clayoo menu will be on menu bar.
However, it won’t come out.

I am wondering whether Clayoo2 works on Rhino6 evaluation edition or not.
If it suppose to work,please tell me how to install Clayoo2 correctly.



I think you best contact TDM solutions


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After downloading the plugin file, did you unblock it before doing the install? (From the file properties dialogue in explorer).

Windows blocks downloaded files to protect against malicious code, so you have to explicitly unblock them to run. Sill catches me out from time to time.


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