Clayoo Edge Extrusion not working

Hi All
I am trying to extrude a loop edge in Clayoo, however after the extrusion, one of the segments would always become distorted causing the polys/edges abut to distort as well. (Please see the attached file)

Most grateful if anyone could advise me on how to solve this issue.

Many thanks indeed!

Edge Extrusion Problem.3dm (578.6 KB)

Hi Yutaka,

It seems that the problem comes from two duplicated faces. I have attached you an image with the two of them. You can see that because of the entire loop of edges is naked (pink) but one.

Remove these faces and try to extrude the loop of edges again, it should work.


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Hi Xavi

That’s magic, thank you so much! I wonder why there were duplicated faces as all I did was a simple edge loop extrusion. Totally new to Clayoo, great to meet experts like you!

Thanks again