ExtrudeCrv - weirdness

In the attached file I have a solid and a curve. I use ExtrudeCrv to extrude it to be of the same size as the solid. When the command completes, the result is rather strange. Cutting and pasting the result out of the document and in again (Ctrl-X; Ctrl-V) fixes this.
Just me?
Extrude-Crv.3dm (740.6 KB)

Hmm, yes I see that too. It seems to be related to the output of an extrusion object, if it’s set to output polysurfaces (or if you extrude solid) it looks OK… --Mitch

Thanks for double checking, Mitch.
I haven’t seen such in earlier builds - running 2015-05-05 now.

Yeah, it’s really weird, like it’s a display thing. In wireframe, you can’t select the object except by picking on certain edges. And as soon as you move, copy or do anything to it, it goes “normal”…

I saw this yesterday on something I was doing.
It happens when the polyline you’re extruding has an extra duplicate point where it closes.
The curve I first saw it on came out of CurveBoolean.
That’s easy to make by dragging the end of an open pline to close it too.
It will take a little looking to figure out just where to assign blame and fix something.

For now, if you explode and join the curve, it won’t have the extra point and won’t make the bad extrusion.

Turned out to be from any Nurbs curve with a kink in it.
Chuck fixed it.

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