Blending or Radiusing edges of closed extrusion failures

This has got to be simple but having problems with Blends that result in parts that are unjoined.
Are not “closed extrusions”, solids?

My process and problem outlined in this PDF:

Something fundamental I dont seem to understand.

Hello - what it looks like to me is that you have some parts for which the edges are not single edges but multiple edges end to end on the same continuous looking edge. If that is the case, select all of the edges that you want to fillet at the same time.
It will be easier to help if you post a 3dm file.



Did post 3dm… there’s a link at the bottom right of PDF

Hello - I see it now, thanks. I see the fillets are built but are not being trimmed into the objects - I’m not sure what’s going on yet, I’ll see if I can figure it out.

It looks like the edges - that is, the curves you started with, are not quite tangent. No… the curves have stacked control points on the ends.


That will not work well.

@mristau - use SimplifyCrv on these before extruding.