Circumscribed polygon makes an inscribed one

After using the Polygon, Center, Radius button, the Circumscribed Polygon, Center, Radius does the same (also creates an inscribed polygon). After changing the option to Circumscribed, both buttons create the same (circumscribed) type of polygon.

Hi John - thanks, I’ll fix the macros. FYI, should be

! _Polygon _Mode=_Inscribed

! _Polygon _Mode=_Circumscribed


You many also want to fix the square buttons which have the same problem.


This doesn’t work in a German version of V6 SR7:
! _Polygon _Mode=_Circumscribed

The button command is
! _Polygon _Circumscribed

Doesn’t work as well…


The commands do still not work in:

Version 6 SR8
(6.8.18213.3201, 01.08.2018)

Hi Charles - please run _ToolbarReset and then close and reopen Rhino to force the newest toolbar file.
Any better?