Rhino6 Polygon Bug


There’s a strange behavior with Circumscribed command:

“Unknown command: _Circumscribed”

I have to choose _polygon and then change it to “circumscribed”

Any one else with the same problem?

How do you run into that problem? Circumscribed is an option of the Polygon command, so you do need to run the command first.

But it’s also an icon… 10_21h43m17s_001 The second one

If i use it i get an error

Hello - I think this has been fixed for a service release - the macros should have, for example,

! _Polygon _Mode=_Circumscribed

and some of the buttons do not have the ‘Mode=’ formatting. Is that what you see if you edit one of the buttons (Shift-right click)


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great Pascal!

i’ve just updated to Rhino6 and was doing some sketches and found this

Thanks a lot for your answer!