Bug in Polygons

Rhino 6. There’s a problem in the polygons. Circumscribed polygon does not measure from center to the mid point of the side, it still measure’s form the center to end point. Also having a lot of directional problems with Onsnap, when snapping say to the end of a cylinder to extend it it snaps at 90deg. not parallel. Also tried to snap from an object and create a Truncated cone, could not get it go the direction I wanted. I had to make it separately. I don’t remember having this problem in Rhino 5.

Seems to be working here… I start the Polygon command, set say, 6 sides and Circumscribed, type 10 for distance, and with Ortho on, I pull the end point to the right along the X-axis and click to set… It makes a hexagon that measures 20 units across the flats horizontally…

I’m not sure I understand this part… can you post an example?

What did you have set as the DirectionConstraint? Default setting is vertical to the current CPlane.


Doesn’t work for second selection.

last answer, direction constraint is set to none

when you open polygons the second selection shows center to mid point on the polygon it doesn’t work correctly

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OK, I understand that the “second selection” you are talking about is the toolbar button. Yes, that appears to be a bug, something must have changed from V5 - instead of

! _Polygon _Circumscribed

you now need

! _Polygon _Mode=_Circumscribed

Either the toolbar button has not been updated to match, or the command needs to be fixed. You can temporarily fix this by modifying the button macro as I showed above.

Don’t know, I was able to make a TCone here from, say corner to corner of a box diagonally, it seems to work OK here using direction constraint set to None…

Thanks Mitch, Rhino 5 had the same prob at one point then it was fixed with an update. I never new you could modify the script. Learn something new everyday. Thanks again.

Try creating a cylinder and in Perspective mode snap to the center of one end, it does not follow the cylinder direction. It wants to create it 90 deg. off the end.

I don’t see this here… or I don’t understand what you are seeing.

If you need an easy way to create a simple animated gif from your screen you can use the great tool LICEcap. It might help conveying what you are seeing.


Thanks Nathan, LICEcap is great!