V6 Bug (possible): Polygon tool Circumscribed defaults to Inscribed (corner)?

I got it working on circumscribed, but I had to change the mode.
I don’t recall changing it to inscribed.

BTW, please can we change the default to 6 sides instead of 5?
While 5 sides is cool, most people will either use 3, 6, or 8 sides, unless you are drawing military buildings, or pentagrams…well they are similar, I suppose.

Change icon command macro to:
! _Polygon n 6

The tool may not call up the correct mode, by default


Thank you for the number of sides macro.
The default number is a little silly.

One person’s “silly” is another person’s “perfect”.

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Within everything you own, how many pentagons do you have? : )
You might have a few security screws if you own an Apple product, but other than that, I’ve not seen many out in the world, unless you are Wicca or hang out with that guy with the horns and the pointy tail.

I understand that it shows off the power of the polygon tool, but we already bought Rhino.

Hi Brenda - please run `ToolbarReset’ and restart Rhino to get the latest toolbar installed - I fixed the macros for polygon a while ago, I think they are correct now,


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