Circular Shapes Becoming Polygonal

In general I am getting very good shape results.

However, I am encountering a pattern where things turn out not so goo. The big shape above is a capped loft of a bunch of circles. I have this shape that is is a stamp.

When I subtract the stamp from the body, I get polygons rather than a circles.

In fact, you can see a second example in the grid line immediately below.

What would I need to do to clean this up. The stamp (built largely from extruded circles appears to know that it is a circle. We subtracted, that curvature gets lost. I would assume that there is some way to increase the number of polygons to make it more circle-like.

This looks like your display mesh settings… Check here and see if any of the information helps… --Mitch

I think you are correct. I suspected there was something like that.