Small shpes converted to a circle

So I’m working on these panels that have thousands of leaf like shapes. Once the shape is smaller than my 1/8" cutter on my CNC I want to just drill a hole, to do this I need to convert all of these little shapes into a circle. does anyone have a technique for addressing this type of situation.

I would ideally like to be able to search the file and get a circle drop in the center of the shape.

Thanks in advance.

Bill Paquette

Hi William - sounds like a script to me - if the shapes are closed curves (?), then possibly replacing each one that is smaller than a certain area, or bounding box areal, with a circle centered on the curves bounding box center or area-centroid would do it - does that sound like it might be the thing?

@wbp1000 - here’s a quick rework of an old RhinoScript, just guessing a bit at what you want, assuming I am correct that the curves are closed and planar- save, then drag and drop this onto Rhino, it will add ReplaceSmallCurves as an alias to run the script.

Set a minimum radius, then a minimum area for the curves to replace. If that does about the right thing, we can tune it up in a Python that lets you select a curve to set the smallest, something like that…

ReplaceSmallCurves.rvb (2.2 KB)


Wow, That’s Awesome, thank you. As I’m learning to hone my skills I’m constantly amazed at the rich features you have developed.