Circular helix with soft end

Hi guys! i have no idea how to resolve this matter.

I am currently trying to generate a definition that pretty much allows the control over a helix; the idea is to vary its diameter, and its helix pitch through the Graph Mapper component.

I want it to have a smooth, continuous finish where it starts and ends, just like anywhere else on the helix. (9.7 KB)

Your “Series” component, at input parameter “C” , remove the expression and it’s fine.

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sorry but the problem continues. also a single turn shouldn’t go that many turns. I’m sure something is wrong

Remove the reparametrize on you Evaluate curve component (that orange one).

Why you made that change? :neutral_face:

ok my mistake, i also try to create a closed helix with variable radius and variable pitch. within the main definition.
something like this image

This is an old answer of a question like yours (15.2 KB)

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I just don’t understand why it fails (18.5 KB)

Hi Eliel,
I don’t know either but you can try this one. Each of the sample circles gets a sample point after 1/4 of rotation. Helix is getting a little bit more exact by increasing the density parameter. (13.6 KB)

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Change the radius , i don’t know why that happend, and search in the forum i am sure there is a thread with many solutions (20.8 KB)

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thank you all that if it worked.
@seghierkhaled I didn’t use your first solution because it was heavy on my pc

Check this as well (10.6 KB)


I’ve been testing it but that little distortion in the end persists

Of course you must do improvement, and you can find more simple solutions.
And never change this it is 360 degree (9.7 KB)


Check this as well. (13.7 KB)


Thank you very much, I am studying all this to learn more

@HS_Kim Thanks for adapting the Graph Mapper component, I was thinking about how to do it :sonrisa: