Pipe with Ellipse ends

Hi there,

Newbie here learning GH…I have question about a piece I am trying to create. The attached file shows a tubing made out of circles. My issue with this is: I am trying to make the ends of the tubing ellipse shaped. Basically, the tube has ends that are ellipses but the tubing throughout is circular. I want it to smoothly loft from one base ellipse to another ellipse at the end with a circular form throughout the tubing. Another issue: I have kinks in the tubing (I tried increasing the count to 600 but the circles started creating bulges)…I am not sure on how to smooth it out.
Thank you!!


ellippse_tube_2020Nov8a.gh (8.5 KB)

Hi thank you so much! One quick question…where would I be able to incorporate Graph Mapper so that the sections can gradually increase in size from the base to the end point of the curve

Quick answer: the usual way, just before Loft (white group).

ellippse_tube_2020Nov9a.gh (11.0 KB)

thank you! thank you! …I actually ended up figuring it out by connecting the graph mapper to the Ellipse R2 and the loft…however, this method seems more organized. Thank you again!

Oh yeah, Graph Mapper. Whatever. There are many ways to do these things.

ellipse_tube_2020Nov9b.gh (17.8 KB)

Two suggestions:

  1. Avoid using the phrase “Quick question” - answers to “quick” questions can be complicated.
  2. Post some Grasshopper code of your own.