Circular brick pattern on a dome using standard elements

Hello everyone

im attempting to create a circular brick pattern on a dome like surface, by using preferably only standard format bricks
the main two problems im facing is the intersections between the bricks, which gets increasingly more noticable the smaller the curve is, but if i attempt to solve the problem by increasing the spacing between them, the angle of the joint will surpass the minimum tolerances.

brick dome (29.8 KB)

its possible to follow the geometry better by splitting the bricks into discrete elements when its needed

but it is not always required, and since my objetive remains to maximise the amount to bricks of the same dimensions, i wanted to figure out a logic that uses the angle of the joints to determine if its within tolerances and act on that
since im new to grasshopper, im unable to figure it out, and naturally there may have been a much easier approach to mine.I wonder if there is a solution or a similar problem.

looks like you are orienting the Bricks based on their Volume Centroid, while in your example looks like they are oriented using their side

orienting using their external side (like in the image in your example) would not completely sove the issue of spacing them, but I believe using their opposite side would work (exclusively because you are populating a dome, which -I, maybe incorrectly, assume- has all circular sections with same curvature)

hello thank you for you reply
I opted to use the centroid for orienting them to have them follow the surface in the most optimal way otherwise they will start branching off from the surface. Using their external side would get rid of the intersections of the same brick course but will further amplify the angle of the mortar between them which is my main concern