Circles on diamond panels

hello all i am trying to design double skin facade of diamond panels with perforated circles and while i am using ruled surface order, the design of the circles are on the facade without subtraction.
I can’t make perforated circles for diamond panel surface.

try this

remember to graft and simplify both merge inputs, and flatten Boundary Surfaces output

next time please attach a GH file with internalize geometries, so we don’t become professional photoretouchers but can keep doing GH stuff :smiley:

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thank you my friend i have done what you told me. It is amazing solution but i got problem fo honeybee solution .
the file is attached

parametric (147.7 KB)

what error appears if you click on the red baloon of the error component? I don’t have honeybee .___.

  1. Solution exception:There must be at least 3 vertices for a Face3D hole. Got 0

I literally have no idea, but googling it looks like it might be a tolerance thing?

if you want to give it a try, open rhino properties and put some more zeroes here :slight_smile: like 0.00001

then go back into GH and press F5 to recompute the solution (or right click on canvas → recompute)

another thing I would try is to Mesh Brep the Panels, and use the meshes instead of Breps

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thank you too much Inno for your help but this solution did not work with me.

I think it might be the case to post this on the Ladybug/Honeybee forum then