Grasshopper perforated facade

Hi! I’m currently in need of saving
I have a complicated surface that I’m trying to make perforated with various sized parallelograms, preferably with two chamfered corners. The parallelograms will match the shape of the breaks in the facade I made that covers my atrium space. I have been trying to piece together information from youtube tutorials but I feel like I’m running in circles. If there’s anyone on here that knows how to do this, help would be very much appreciated. I will post reference pictures, a file with the surface, and a file showing my shape on the facade for the atriums. I am very desperate and don’t know where to go from here.

reference photos: GINZA PLACE クライン ダイサム アーキテクツ
Surface: surface facade.3dm (87.2 KB)
Atrium on facade:


The LunchBox add-on has lots of tessellation components. For parallelograms you could for instance check out its Diamond (Diamond Panels) component.

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 08.24.26

It can be applied directly onto a surface, preferably an untrimmed one.

Yes, I’ve tried this but I think my surface maybe too complex? Whenever I add in the diamond panels and input my surface it extrudes my surface down. Maybe this is because my surface is a triangle and it wants to make it square. Do you know how to keep it from doing this?

I haven’t tried diamond panels only skewed, so I will try and let you know how it goes.

I solved the issue. Since the surface was so complex I couldn’t just imput the surface.

Instead I:

  • outlined the surface using “extract wireframe” then set the outline as curves
  • Rebuilt curves
  • lofted
    then used that surface and it worked.

That’s great! :slight_smile:

Just to clear this up, your surface was trimmed to get the triangular shape. LunchBox doesn’t take the trimming into account, but applies the tessellation to the underlying, untrimmed surface.

I have one more question maybe you can help.
I can’t get the size of the holes to randomize. Here are my inputs.

Can you upload the file?

I keep getting an error to upload when I try to upload the rhino file.
here’s the grasshopper
4.12 podium (26.0 KB)

Is there also a way to randomize the grid system, to make some diamonds larger than the others like this.

4.16 surface facade.3dm (86.5 KB)
I had to delete what I baked in order to upload

I guess this would probably be pretty hard to do. The biggest challenge is to select neighbouring cells automatically that together form a bigger cell. It’s pretty easy to do it by hand though.

You’ve made a small mistake by connecting the Triangles output to the Lng (List Length) component, instead of the Diamonds output.
You want a random number for each diamond, since you want to frames those. Currently you produce a random number for each triangle instead.

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Thank you so much for all of your help.

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I will cite you in the final review (: