Circle to Two Curves Creating Elipses

Hello, Im having trouble with the Circle_Tangent Command.

Im trying to make a tangent circle to two perpendicular straight lines, but the circle is either not created or the command creates and ellipse.

Im not even specifying a radius. Tried with all combinations. Point, From First Point, Tangent to both lines, Tangent to one and then to Point. etc etc. Its simply not working, and no idea why its making an ellipse even showing a preview of it, when Im clearly wanting a circle and nothing more.

Heres the files with two simple straight lines and my tries. Tangent.3dm (158.9 KB)

Thanks for the help

They’re certainly two simple straight lines, but they’re on an inclined plane, not flat on the world XY plane. You actually are making circles - click on the objects you produced and go to Properties>Details - but they look like ellipses because you’re viewing them at an angle from the Top view…


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Thank you! I was going crazy, I literally forgot to look the problem from another perspective!