Circle Pack connections

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I am trying to connect circle packed circles with each other with this excellent method made by @DanielPiker but apply it to a slightly different definition based more on a curve attractor. It seems to work relatively similarly, but when increasing the numbers the lines tend to overlap or not happen on the larger circles. Just wonder a bit what is done wrong in this case and why its not behaving as the first picture.

Thanks (17.4 KB) (131.8 KB)

video Explanation:

You were using random values instead of the actual radii of the circles you created, apart from that everything was basically correct.

.gh Definition: (132.7 KB)

Canvas Image:

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Reminds me of this thread 3.5 weeks ago - oh, that’s your thread too.

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omg, thank you so much, both for the definition and the explanation, makes me understand the process much better, thanks so much!

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Hi, yeah, I’m sorry, maybe I should have continued on that thread, just because I switched the definition from random to curve attractor, I thought maybe it would be better with a new thread, plus the last questions was about the discs. I’m not sure what the policy is, but if it would have been better to have that thread I apologize. Maybe someone can merge the threads.