Connect all the centers of circles

I’m trying to calculate the center point of the negative spaces between pack circles. I’ve tried using delaunay mesh and face normals in conjunction which comes very close to working but there are some mesh edges that don’t turn out he way I want near the edge of the surface.
this is a photo of how id like it to look:

and this is a photo of the errors near the edge:

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Show the GH

Had a similar discussion the other day.
Not sure if will help in your case. (17.2 KB)

You forget to internalize it.

sorry here you go: (239.4 KB)

this is a good approach but I still end up with the same unwanted geometry because it relies on the delaunay mesh component

What unwanted geometry… Because in my definition the unwanted geometry is on the edges, and I compensate for that.

you can see there’s now some circles that don’t have a point between them… these are the same areas that had the weird looking mesh in the first photo I shared. I think the problem originates from the base mesh so I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this without using the delmesh component.

Can you send me the file with just the surface and circles?

here you go: (232.4 KB)

Sorry, can’t help you. I’m using rhino7 with kangaroo2.

I just want the final circles and surface in a file. how you Generate the circles is not required.

like baked into a 3dm file?
test_2.3dm (6.6 MB)

or internalized in a gh file

does this work?

I haven’t opened the file yet, but I see you’re using the TangentIncircles goal, and getting the mesh from the solver output.
The edges of this mesh are already the connections between centers of circles which are tangent in the circle packing, so there should be no need to re-find the mesh from the points using Delaunay.

thank you! seems ridiculously simple in hindsight but I’ve been ripping my hair out over this for days!

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