Circle from tan tan tan

Hello everyone out there…

I am at the moment trying to inscribe cricles into a grid created by a polar array of another circle…

unfortunatly i run in some issues that i just get half of the circles that should be created… and i didnt figure out how to change it yet… maybe you guys could give me a hint… (22.8 KB)


Try this, you have a problem because some polylines have 5 curves.
You need Heteroptera plugin to use Geometric region (17.4 KB)

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No plugins!
I don’t entirely understand what’s going on in your purple group but decided to leave it alone.

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Playing with parameter inputs revealed a weakness in how I was culling surfaces after SrfSplit which I have now fixed (cyan group). Specifically, setting the ‘Polar Array Number’ to 2, 3, 5 or 7 caused extraneous circles to appear outside the pattern. (27.9 KB)

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Hey thanks all of you guys…
I wasnt expecting to get so mnay people reply so quick!!!
Thank you very much, that is awesome