Bug?: Rt-Click Select Object Menu Disappearing

In 5.2.4 I’ve found that the right-click select object menu is appearing and immediately disappearing after several hours (6+?) of having a file open and working on it.

This is the menu that one gets when multiple geometries are in close proximity or overlapping (but in different planes), so one can select the desired geometry.

I’ve found that quitting Rhino and re-launching it restores normal behavior. No need to restart computer.


Are you saying you see a selection menu appear and disappear on it’s own when you’re not moving the cursor or running a command?

Not sure why I indicated RT-click. Working from memory since I currently don’t have the problem but I believe it is a left-click issue since I select geometry by left-clicking. Apologies for the error!

Normal behavior is for the multiple geometry selection menu to pop up and stick when items are in close proximity and a user tries to select desired geometry. User then selects desired geometry in pop up and it then goes away.

Reported is a problem where the user tries to select close proximity geometry and the pop-up will flash momentarily then disappear. User cannot select the desired geometry as a result and must restart Rhino to restore normal behavior.

This problem has been around for a while (at least 1 year +) while running OSX 10.10. I just started running El Capitan on a new machine and will report if I encounter it again.

Hard to duplicate, but I believe it was with a very large file 500+ meg, and many hours (5+) working with it. It’s almost like some sort of buffer becomes full?

Thanks for the extra info. I’ll see if I can reproduce it and reliably for a bug report.