Checkpoints in Wallacei

Hello everyone,

I am conducting a multi-objective optimization using the Wallacei component, and one of my objectives is people’s comfort. This makes the optimization process very time-consuming, taking approximately 5-6 days for 2500 simulations. Unfortunately, sometimes Rhino stops working and disappears without any error or warning. Both Rhino and Grasshopper, along with Wallacei, vanish simultaneously without displaying any notes like “not responding,” etc. As a result, I am forced to restart the simulation from the beginning.

I am wondering if Wallacei has the capability to create checkpoints after several iterations, and in case of a crash, it could resume the simulation from the last checkpoint.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Nassim,

there is an autosave function in tab 1 of Wallacei’s user interface… if you turn that on, then it should save your simulation if it crashes.

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Thanks Mohammed. But it cannot continue the simulation from that point, am I right?

Hi Nassim, Unfortunately not. Usually when Wallacei crashes it’s because it’s creating a geometry that rhino can’t compute (and thus crashes)… some debugging may be needed to resolve this issue.

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Thanks, Mohammed. That helped a lot.
It crashed again. I checked all the number sliders. Realised the value of one of the number sliders connected to the ratio of a window was negative!! Interestingly I decode the genes and I had results with the negative value of that variable. But maybe at some point, it crashed because of that reason.