CheckNewObjects on/off?

I like to use “checknewobjects” while creating.

I turn it on before I start a new model.
Is there a way to tell if it is on/off?

Sometimes I open or start a new model and forget to activate it - is it on by default if I began the object with it on?

Is there any indication that it is on?


If you turn CheckNewObjects on it should stay on. You can also include it in your
start up commands. See Rhino Options>general

But be aware that you won’t get a BadObject warning when you open or import geometry.
Apparently, it is too difficult for the programmers to figure out how to check for and then issue a warning after files have been opened. So every time you open new geometry you
have to run Check command.

Hi Ken - there is no built in way to tell- I imagine this could be added to the info panel in the lower right without too much trouble. For now, I guess you can add -CheckNewObjects (with a dash) to your startup commands, (Options > General page) so that it is always just on. The macro for the startup command would be

_-CheckNewObjects _Check=Yes _Enter


You DO get a command-line warning when you open, import, or insert a bad object. There is just no dialog box. Feedback from users told us to bypass the dialog box so they could import models with bad objects without having to stop to OK the dialog each time.

That’s possible, but the echo to the command line is only just one at the end of the import. Not for every bad object in the imported file. I, for one, would like a more prominent display.

Hi, Wim, We got a lot of objections to the “more prominent display” in the past. What exactly would you like to see happen?

Well, you got a lot of objections because it stopped the import/open process and put a dialog on the screen for EVERY object. So if there were a bunch, you had to sit in front of the computer and hit OK a bunch of times, or you had to turn it off, with the possibility of forgetting to turn it back on…

What people WANTED was ONE SINGLE warning dialog popping up after the import/open process was finished to say that one or more bad objects have been created in the process.

That they GOT was a command line message, no dialog.

I think it was stated that it was not possible to do otherwise for the moment… Something to do with batch imports or block insertion maybe?


Hi Margaret,
I would like a dialog box (with an OK button) that appears at the end of the import saying the same as what is now written on the command line (i.e. “x bad objects were created while reading “C:\xxx\””). I suppose that for automation purposes, it should be possible to by-pass the dialog box. In my opinion, however, standard behavior should be that the user is informed upon import and that he should confirm the fact.

Yes the warning exists, but its not very useful. It is not visible to the user without going to look for it. It is more practical to run the check command than to hunt for the warning in the command history.


Request added to bugtracker.

Sorry it took so long, I’ve been ill.