Check the elevation of levels

I wonder if we can extract the elevation value of levels?

There are some level names like “ground level at +6.500”, but I am not sure if it is actually at +6.500.
Level may change after you named it… So now I need to double check if the names and the actual levels are match. Is there any easy way to check?


Elevation is a parameter. If you look at the Properties in Revit for any level, you will see Elevation listed there. Anything listed in the Properties panel for an instance in Revit can be retrieved with Element Parameter component in Grasshopper :slight_smile:

In addition you can use Level Identity whose elevation output can be cast to a number and has more information.

The Level itself can be cast to a Point and deconstructed for it’s Z value as well.

Wow, cool! Thanks Thomas and Japhy!