Getting System Families - Non Active Levels

Does anyone know a good way to get System Families?

I am looking to match the “Z values” in Rhino to the absolute Revit elevation in order to create level domains from sea level. I noticed when extracting the Elevation Parameter of the active project levels using RiR the value is relative to the assigned Revit elevation base point defined by the type parameters. If the project base point is selected, the absolute elevation of the z value in Rhino and Revit elevation are different.

Once I am able to get the system family information, My hopes are I can plug the Family & Type into “V” and replace the existing level parameter and extract the absolute elevation.

Has anyone ran into this issues before? it would be great to be able to system families in RiR, but if not are there any other suggestions?


Hey @GregStacy
Please see this guide:
Technically you are trying to collect System Types (e.g. Level Type is a System Type while Levels are Builtin Categories and also System Families)

Here is a direct solution to this challenge:

Level Elevation (7.8 KB)

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@eirannejad Thank you!

The guides page has been unbelievably helpful, thank you for being on top of it! Keep up the good work.