Cheap and ultra-compact electric vehicle




Hi Nozaki , is this your design ? Looks pretty cool.great point A to point B transportation.—-Mark

YES, this was all designed by me. This is my 2013 job.


What type of battery life does it have ?—- Mark

The battery is an inexpensive lead battery. You can also choose an expensive lithium battery as an option. The price of the vehicle is $2000.

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So, how is this helpful in combatting pollution and climate change? Everyone with “cheap” vehicle? What about traffic jams, parking spaces, energy needed for producing 4 “cheap” vehicles instead one 4 seats vehicle or just using public transportation? Where will go all the waste when this “cheap” vehicles go out of service - 16 “cheap” wheels instead of 4? The same pattern - fight the overconsumption with another consumption! But we already saw the solution - Covid-19 quarantine showed us just how fast the nature changes if we slow down!


It is a commonly stated problem that most vehicle journeys at the moment are single occupant. Smaller vehicles should be expected to make this usage more economical in terms of all the criteria you brought up.

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You’ll rarely see a 2 ton pile of steel and plastic (car) in India with one person in it. In other words, don’t go to… outside the US to look for (absolutely unbelievable) waste…

// Rolf

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This small EV helps people without a driver’s license. 2-3 people can ride. The moving range is about 30km.


This car weighs about 300 kg, which is the same as a large bike. It can be charged with 200V electricity at home. It is convenient to use in the country without gasoline.


This car runs a lot in rural China, where transportation is inconvenient. It is a convenient means of transportation for the elderly and children. And you don’t need a driver’s license. Transportation for the socially vulnerable.


Hi Nozaki,
That little green truck would be great for many smaller jobs or for driving around supplies on the jobsite.
Wonderful work, thanks for posting and congratulations on going from concept model to full production must be very rewarding and exciting.


In much of the world it would make very effective birth control.

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Nah. Only 50% effective at most, since it would only have effect on women being killed. :wink:

That’s a great project Nozaki! I love how you integrated standard round lighting components into your own design.

I’ve seen vehicles like this a lot in China. In many cases used by elderly people, and driven in slower/safer bike/scooter lanes. So it allows them to have a safer option to mobility when then never managed to have access to any driving skills, or they are fading away based on their age.

Great job!



It’s gotta be 99.8% male contraceptive but thanks for ruining my joke.

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It seems only the colored bottom parts were made in Rhino?

The grey body panels have tangency-break lines randomly all over them, which makes me think that not only are they imported, but they’re improted with a wrong tolerance setting?

The lines look random because the lines and faces are mixed. There are no dimensional tolerance issues.

Thank you very much. In China, 30 million electric motorcycles are produced annually. This is a 4-wheeled vehicle with the same body length and a covered roof.

It is also used for online shopping delivery. I heard that the manufacturing company exported it to the Netherlands.