Chat GPT component in Grasshopper


On linkedin I saw a post on somebody who used chat GPT in grasshopper as a component.
Does anyone have a script or a step by step approach how to realize this?

Just to be clear I would like to ‘ask’ a question in a GH panel, plug it in the ‘chatgpt’ component’, with output an textual answer?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Try the forum search feature: Search results for 'chatGPT' - McNeel Forum

There are a few out there, most are custom GH components made with python/C# like this one.

Ambrosinus Toolkit is coming along


I create this based on the python code posted by @Japhy

Try it, you need an api key of course. (71.8 KB)



Hello, sorry i want to ask how to get an API key

Here’s step by step instructions.


Hello, I have tried you code. Do you know which libraries/dependencies should I install? Can I paste API key into a Panel as API key input? Also when I input question in Run Button, grasshopper crashes…

Hi , test this

If this don’t work for you, i think there are other tools available in the forum


Hello, thank you for the tool. But my grasshopper crashes anyway after pressing enter…

I don’t know why, search in the forum to find other tools

Hi @seghierkhaled and @Japhy @Dani_Abalde
Awesome !
this site also Open.Ai. And it have openSource Code

(Sketch + Description  To >》Picture)

For example my 2d rhino image convert to 3d ?
Can you add python code in grasshopper too?,
Convert(Sketch + Description To >》Picture)

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This work with Python 3+, Maybe it will work in Rhino 8

Hi @anon39580149,
What kind of component works for api key?
Thank you

Did you test the file posted above?

Hi @anon39580149,
I tested the chatgpt component with my api key from, but it seem to do nothing (the interface opens, you can enter text, but there isn’t response)
For insert api key string I used a simple panel component
Thank you

Everything works fine here
There are other components available in the forum, test them with your api key

Thank you @anon39580149,
but what kind of component do you use to insert api key?

Make sure you choose a folder when you use Image component and check your account maybe your api expired

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Use these websites It’s better than ChatGPT, because it offers unlimited prompts.