Chat Possibilities of using ChatGPT

I want to find out from the community how much the Chat-GPT neural network is viable in the grasshopper environment. Respond to those who have already used it in Grasshopper.

You must rewrite everything it does for you, big NO from me.
Maybe simple software applications or websites it has a purporse but for Rhinocommon It isnt It’s thing

I fixed your title.

Chat GPT, or simply GPT, stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer and is a type of language model developed by OpenAI.

What is Chat GPT? - SoShine Media

For example, automatically arrange the dimensions in the room. Can Chat-GPT write such code?

You should give it a try. Its a conversation engine, so you will need to be very explicit and go step by step if you’re doing anything complex, checking for accuracy as you go.

This example worked on the first run.